Why does Trifexis® (spinosad + milbemycin oxime) require a prescription? 

January 27, 2016 Category: Trifexis® (spinosad + milbemycin oxime)

Your veterinarian is your best source of information about what’s best for your dog. So before administering parasite protection like Trifexis, it’s important for your veterinarian to test your dog for a heartworm infection. Veterinarians prescribe Trifexis to kill fleas, prevent flea infestations, prevent heartworm disease and treat and control adult hookworm  (Ancylostoma caninum), roundworm and whipworm infections. We also recommend that you only purchase Trifexis from a veterinarian who can best advise you on how use the product safely and effectively.

You can also get peace of mind knowing that in order for Trifexis to become a prescribed combination parasiticide, it first had to be rigorously tested and proven safe when used according to label directions. So not only do you have your veterinarian looking out for your dog’s health, you also have a product that was approved as safe by the FDA and other regulatory authorities around the world.