Five fun outdoor activities to do with your dog

March 11, 2016 Category: Celebrating dogs

Now that spring and warmer weather are here, it’s time for you and your dog to head outside to share some fun. To help inspire you, here are our five favorite outdoor activities to do with dogs.

1) Go for a run or walk

Going for a run or a walk is probably the easiest way to get outside with your dog. It doesn’t even matter where you go because your dog is just happy to be out and about with you. That’s why dogs make such great running and walking companions. They can also help give you the extra motivation to put on your sneakers, grab the leash and get out the door for some fun.

2) Hang out in the park

We know you have a favorite dog (or two), but you probably have a favorite park too. So pick a sunny day and head down there to spend some quality time together. And don’t forget to bring a blanket and some snacks to make a whole afternoon of it.

3) Play fetch

Whether it’s a Frisbee, a ball or a stick, there’s nothing quite like playing fetch with your dog. Playing outside is so much more fun because you’ve got plenty of room and you don’t have to worry about breaking something in your house. And if you hate handling slobbery tennis balls, you can find specially made products to help throw the ball for you so you don’t get your hands messy.

4) Jump in for a swim

Lots of dogs love to swim. After all, where do you think the term "dog paddling" came from? If you and your dog love the water, get ready to jump into some fun once it’s warm enough. Some public swimming pools even have special doggie swimming days. So check the schedule at your local pools and be sure to ask about any requirements they have for your dog to participate.

5) Camping

The only thing better than spending a night under the stars is doing it with your favorite pup. Your dog can be the perfect camp companion, and heading out into the great outdoors is a great way to get even closer. But make sure to do your homework and find a campground that allows dogs.