Share Your Story: Kaye & Tessa

March 10, 2016 Category: Your stories

We all know that life is better with our dogs, but this dog helped save a life! We are so thrilled Kaye shared this with us, so we hope you’ll read her story and Share Your Story with us too.

“On a Tuesday morning, I sat down to eat breakfast and choked on a piece of bacon. I could not get my breath and couldn't tell anyone what was wrong. I was trying to cough and could not. Our Field Spaniel, Tessa, kept pacing from me to my husband, who was also in the area but had his back turned. He turned around and came over to me, then Tessa got between us and started licking my face. The bacon dislodged and I sat back trying to get my breath. Tessa put her paws on my lap and wouldn't leave until she was sure I was going to be okay. She is my constant companion and a wonderful pet."

- Kaye P.