Puppy Tip: Reward good behavior

May 30, 2017 Category: Puppies & new dogs

Getting a new puppy is such a joy. Every day is a new opportunity to discover a little more about your dog’s personality and foster the bond that will last a lifetime. It’s important to get things off to a good start in order to build trust and confidence in your pup and to prevent potential problems down the road.

Puppy Tip: rewarding good behavior

One really effective and fun way to make sure things go smoothly is to reward your puppy whenever she does something right. Remember, your puppy is just a baby and is still trying to figure out the world around her. When you reward her for good behavior, it helps her better understand what’s expected of her and provides powerful reinforcement that can help motivate her actions for years to come. 

Rewards can be anything your puppy likes—from a loving belly rub to extra playtime or even a delicious treat. When you reward good behavior with attention and love, you teach your puppy how to be good and strengthen the bond between you.