Share your story: Alyssa & Maeby

September 5, 2017 Category: Your stories

What a beautiful story and a talented dog. Check out Alyssa and Maeby’s story for yourself and make sure to watch their video.

“Maeby, our 5-year-old Boston Terrier is our first baby. She has a beautiful spirit and shows us unconditional love. As a singer myself, I frequently sing around the house and have even recorded videos of myself singing to share with family and friends.

It was when Mae was around 1-year old, that we discovered that she had a similar talent. I was uploading a video of myself singing with Mae sleeping on the couch behind me, when about 30 seconds into the song, our darling Boston Terrier got up, swung her head back and began belting out a tune right along with me. And I thought I sang with soul! This girl has been my partner and my teammate since then! We've won local pet talent contests and have continued to perform (on and off camera) for the past few years.

When I sing high, she sings high. When I sing low, she sings low. It was certainly meant to be—a singing dog for a singing girl. She continues to inspire me to keep singing (while working as an RN, taking care of a toddler and finishing grad school) as she knows that it is comforting and therapeutic for me. I wouldn't trade my pup for the WORLD! 

 Please check out the very first video when we discovered her talent!”

-Alyssa K

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