Share your story: Harley

November 14, 2017 Category: Your stories


There’s nothing better than having a friend along for your ride through life. And in this case, it’s a four-legged friend.

“From the first day Harley came into my life, we have been inseparable. She rides with me willingly on the back of a 2012 Custom Screaming Eagle Road Glide. She is safely harnessed into a leather-shearling-lined basket custom-made for her, complete safety harness, pink goggles and, sometimes for special rides and events, a pink helmet. She is a loving companion, and we have developed a very close bond as riding companions on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

My neighbors' little daughter saw me go by one day with Harley on the back, and she told me the little one proclaimed loudly, ‘Mommy, there is a guy that will really miss his dog when she is gone!!’ I truly cried when I heard that story.”