Tricks to make Halloween less stressful for your dog

October 17, 2017 Category: Celebrating dogs

halloween girl with dog

For kids, Halloween is a night of sugar-fueled fun. But for your dog, it can be a scary, stressful night.

You know that all those little ghouls and goblins are harmless, but think about Halloween from your dog’s point of view. Dogs see lots of people wandering the neighborhood, strangers constantly showing up at your door and plenty of scary masks.

If your dog gets excited when your doorbell rings or anxious around strangers, you could both be in for a long night. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you have a plan to make Halloween fun for everyone, including your favorite pup.

Here are a few tricks you can try while handing out treats:

Practice sit and stay
You probably trained your dog to sit and stay, but performing on command can be tricky when there are unfamiliar people around. Before trick-or-treaters show up, practice sit and stay with your dog to make sure you’re ready to go.

Show a little love
If your dog shows signs of anxiety on Halloween, talk to her calmly and give her some love. Your dog will sense your mood, so be calm and reassuring. A little love can go a long way to reduce stress and calm her down.

Consider using a baby gate
If your house is set up for it, using a baby gate can be a great way to let your dog see all the trick-or-treaters but keep him from running out the door. If you don’t have a gate around your house, you can always use your leash to keep your dog secure.

Spend the night in another room
If all this is just too much for your dog, it’s best to keep her in another room far away from the noise and visitors. Don’t forget to check on her periodically or have another family member stay with her. You love doing everything with your dog, but it’s OK to sit out one night if it will be a better experience for your dog.