Training incredible service dogs to help special people

Celebrate the Bond with Canine Assistants

Service dogs can do remarkable things. And when Canine Assistants pairs them with special people, something even more extraordinary happens—they become heroes. We #CelebrateTheBond these devoted companions share as they show us the power of the human-dog connection.

That’s why Elanco, the makers of Trifexis® (spinosad + milbemycin oxime), proudly sponsors Canine Assistants. It’s a 501(3)c nonprofit organization that trains and provides service dogs to enhance and improve the lives of children and adults who have physical disabilities, seizure conditions or other special needs.

Faithful service dogs for children and adults

The organization was founded in 1991 and has paired more than 1,500 service dogs with deserving companions. Each year, Canine Assistants places between 75 and 100 dogs—free of charge—that serve as therapy dogs, diabetic alert dogs and epilepsy service dogs.1 From mobility difficulties to medical concerns, including epilepsy, diabetes and cancer, each dog is matched with a recipient for a lifetime of companionship and love.

When you purchase Trifexis for your dog, a portion of your purchase helps us support all of the incredible people and dogs of Canine Assistants. So join us in celebrating the human-dog bond and the hero in all of us.

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Help us #CelebrateTheBond we share with the dogs we love by supporting Canine Assistants and the special people the organization helps.

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