Sean’s Fighting Spirit

“Falling in love with a dog in just two days is kind of crazy.”
-Sean Goral

Sean's Story Part I: No Do-Overs

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Sean's Story Part II: A Perfect Match

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Sean's Story Part III: Graduation

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Sean's Story Part IV: The Final Chapter

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Sean Goral lived to surf. But after a horrific car wreck left him with a catastrophic spinal cord injury, he had to learn to live again. Fortunately, he received the help of an incredible Canine Assistants service dog.

The matching process for Sean and his dog, Spirit, was incredibly emotional. Sean says they bonded in less than a minute and completely fell in love in just two days. For Sean, Spirit isn’t just a dog, she’s a friend and companion who helps him with stress and functional things in life. Their bond has grown to be a symbiotic relationship with a deep emotional connection.

With Spirit by his side, Sean is eager to take on whatever’s next in life. He’s interested in studying neuroscience and hopes to discover medical breakthroughs to help others with spinal injuries.

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