Tim’s amazing bond with Ringer

“Now that he has Ringer by his side, people just flock to him. It’s a whole new world.”
-Angie Beighley, Tim's Mom

Tim’s Story Part I: Another “Normal” Kid 

Tim’s Story Part II: The Wait Is Over 

Tim’s Story Part III: Graduation and Beyond

Tim’s Story Part IV: The Last Chapter

Living with cerebral palsy brings great challenges. But for Tim Beighley, getting a Canine Assistants service dog helped him gain confidence, independence and a furry best friend.

When Tim was matched with his Canine Assistants service dog, Ringer, his face lit up and everyone just knew that was it. The bond was absolutely amazing and grew into the rock-solid foundation for their remarkable relationship. Ringer has also opened doors for Tim to make friends at college. In fact, it’s tough for Tim to get to class on time because so many people stop to talk to him and Ringer when they’re crossing campus.

Join us as we celebrate the bond between these special companions and their incredible friendship that changed both of their lives for the better.

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